Sunday February 24th, 2019, the Academy Awards!  I’ve very excited about this year’s Oscars; there are a ton of excellent films represented, as well as the annual snubs left out.  It should be a great show (although with no host this year and a few misjudgments by the Academy along the way) and I’m sure I’ll be reacting live during the event on Twitter (@OlieCoen).  You can check out my Oscars page for a complete listing of the nominees in the six major categories, but here are both my predictions and my picks for the best films of 2018:

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actress

Best Director

  • WinnerAlfonso CuaronRoma
  • Runner-upSpike LeeBlacKkKlansman
  • My choiceAlfonso CuaronRoma

Best Picture


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