Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga

Starring: Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, Lashana Lynch

Ralph Fiennes, Rami Malek, Billy Magnussen, Christoph Waltz, Ana de Armas

Year: 2021

It would take hours to dive into all the Bonds, past & present, and even into the Craig Bond films, past & present, so I promise, instead, to remain concise and focus more of this movie, this experience, because it does actually, surprisingly, pleasantly deserve it.  Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre; there have been some ups & downs, but Craig ends on a high note, a W if you will, for ‘Win’ of course, but also because the first, middle, and last of the series are top, the other two are bottom.  No Time to Die is a nice way to say goodbye, and to open the door to others that are surely to come.

James has gone into retirement, with Madeleine at his side, putting the double O days behind him.  But of course it’s not over; Spectre isn’t defeated, Blofeld hasn’t finished his tricks, and ghosts don’t rest.  Bond is sucked right back in, betrayed by Madeleine and on the hunt for Spectre once again.  But this time, they aren’t the only enemy, and the entire world is in danger.  Using a killer virus that can target its victim, a madman named Safin looks to wield ultimate power, while those closest to Bond look to take him out of the game.

There are positives and negatives, just like with any Bond film that has come before.  The positives are a spectacular ending, the fact that Craig remains a strong James, the gift Ana de Armas is in our lives, and the continuation of this grand tradition, this hero above all other heroes.  The negatives are a horrendous opening song, a weird use of CGI, a bumbly story arc, not enough of the magic of de Armas, and the introduction of another 007 who won’t be oo7 and who can’t act their way out of a paper bag.  The result; a mix, as you would expect, but one that, for me, trended toward entertainment and the fulfillment of my movie-going desires enough that I was able to choose to ignore most of the obvious problems.  No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s swan song, and there are much worse ways to go.

My rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


By ochippie

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