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Tonight, for only the second time, Aaron Rodgers will meet Tom Brady in an NFL game, though the two won’t see each other on the field until they shake hands after.  Once before these future Hall of Famers played in the same game, years ago.  But the next time the Packers faced the Patriots, Rodgers was out with a concussion, making the victors triumph not quite as well-won.  This matchup, however, will be one for the ages, as rarely do we see two quarterbacks of this caliber face off.  Plus it’s primetime.  Plus it’s midseason.  Plus both are at the top of their game.  And with Father Time sneaking up, this might be the last chance we have of watching these greats play.  We’ll pray for a Super Bowl faceoff, but that’s a few months away; for now, we focus on these men, these icons, their stats, and how that affects who we will eventually pick to win this colossal game.

Aaron Rodgers

Games Played: 156

Passing Touchdowns/Interceptions: 326/79

Passing Yards: 40,785

Rushing Touchdowns/Fumbles: 25/16

Rushing Yards: 2,786

Completion Percentage: 64.9%

QB Rating: 103.6


Tom Brady

Games Played: 261

Passing Touchdowns/Interceptions: 504/167

Passing Yards: 68,359

Rushing Touchdowns/Fumbles: 19/28

Rushing Yards: 997

Completion Percentage: 64.0%

QB Rating: 97.6


So the debate begins; who is the better quarterback?  And in this game; who will win?  I pick the Patriots to take this game, but that doesn’t mean I think Brady is better than Rodgers; it’s much more complicated than that.  Brady will win because the Patriots are simply that good at home, where this game will take place Sunday Night in New England.  But I think that Rodgers is not only the best QB in this scenario, but also one of the best QBs to ever play that game.  There’s a case for Brady on that list as well, some think he’s the Greatest Of All Time, but I couldn’t disagree more.  Brady has benefited from coach Bill Belichick to a degree that’s immeasurable, and the Patriots should go down as perhaps the best team (through a specific span of time) to play the game.  Rodgers, meanwhile, is spectacular completely on his own, and has not benefited from great coaching or, honestly, a great supporting cast.  In my opinion, Rodgers is the 3rd best quarterback of all-time, behind only Joe Montana and John Elway.  His ability to scramble, to escape, to improvise, and to win despite all odds is uncanny, and no other player compares.  Tonight we will see an unmatched matchup and hopefully an incredible game, and no matter who loses, we win.

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