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The NBA season begins and no story is bigger than the beginning of the Lebron James era in Los Angeles.  Lebron joins the Lakers and the team is immediately in the NBA Finals conversation, since James has proven his immediate impact many times before.  Be it with Cleveland or Miami, he is a player who can shoulder the entire load, who can take a team on his back and carry them to the postseason.  But will James be enough?  Can the Lakers win the Championship?  Here’s a look at the current odds-on favorites as the season begins.

  1. Golden State Warriors -195
  2. Boston Celtics +500
  3. Houston Rockets +850
  4. Los Angeles Lakers +1000
  5. Toronto Raptors +1400
  6. Philadelphia 76ers +1600
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder +3000

And then the odds drop off significantly; rounding off the Top 10 are the Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, and Milwaukee Bucks.  The Lakers come up to challenge the status quo, proving that Lebron is a game-changer by definition.  They are winless so far with their new star player, but slow starts are to be expected, no on is panicking in Los Angeles.  At the top of the list and most likely to win the Championship are the Golden State Warriors, who are a legitimate dynasty and should be for some time to come.  Does Lebron’s arrival to California change that?  We will see, but it should be exciting to watch.  And the Rockets will have something to say about who wins and who loses, with a strong team of their own, one that should play well all winter, and deep in the playoffs.  This NBA season should be an extremely entertaining one, a year to watch and to remember.

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