With the preseason beginning and many fantasy drafts planned for the next few weekends, it’s time to prep for your 2018 Fantasy Football team. Here is my advice/predictions as it relates to running backs and wide receivers:


  • Obviously, the other skill positions are the sexier in fantasy football, but having an elite (or at least solid) tight end can be the difference between a championship and a consolation.  One year I won the league because Jason Witten threw a touchdown, no joke, it happens, so don’t forget about this position come draft day.  Gronkowski has been #1 for several years, and this season should be no different.  He’s injury-prone, Brady isn’t getting any younger, but Gronk should still be the first end off the board.  But honestly I’m more excited about Graham, who moves to the Packers and a whole new opportunity.  He should get redzone looks galore, or Rodgers is an idiot, and we know that’s not true.  So those guys are easy, but the rest of the group isn’t so clear cut.  In the next tier are guys like Kelce, Rudolph, Olsen, Reed; familiar names.  But someone I love is Walker, who is good for 75 yards every game, with an occasional TD.  The the list starts to thin out, but there are still solid pickups: Kittle, Njoku, Brate McDonald.  After that, I wouldn’t waste anything but a late-round pick.


  • Again, pulling from personal experience, a kicker has saved my bacon more than once, and Tucker has turned my mediocrity into a championship.  I’ve had him four or five years in a row now, in my book he’s the absolute best, and I wouldn’t pick any kicker over him.  Still, there are some guys who are projected to score more points: Boswell, Zuerlein, Gostkowski, Bryant, Prater.  You can’t go wrong with that first tier, and those guys could really make a huge difference, so don’t wait too long to get your franchise kicker.  The next tier you can wait a while for: Butker, Gould, Elliott, Gano, Lutz.  These are solid, week-in-week-out kickers, so don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.  After that, wait till your final pick to choose anyone else: Carlson, Succop, Crosby, Vinatieri, Hopkins.  Just don’t undervalue the position; it’s more important that most amateurs would think.


  • Defense seems to be a position that can be picked up in free agency later in the season, but the flip side philosophy is to be the first team to select one, that way you get the absolute best.  Jacksonville is at the top of the list, them Philly, LAR, or Minnesota.  Get one of those teams before other people think about defenses and you’ll be set for the season.  Otherwise, you can wait a while or even simply pick one up in free agency after team’s show their true colors.  Still, there is a solid group after the first tier, and they are worth consideration.  Baltimore, New England, Tennessee, Denver, Houston; can’t go wrong with those solid teams, they will (probably) not let you down.  After that, the third group might be the last to really even consider: LAC, New Orleans, Atlanta.  The other teams just pick who like and hope for the best, replacing them as you need.