In March, I predicted the winners of each MLB division, as well as the Wild Card teams and the World Series contenders.  Now that we’re about halfway through the season and the All Star Break is upon us, let’s take a look at how each team is doing, as well as how close my predictions have been so far.  (Pictures represent my predictions, numbered slots reflect actual rankings.

newyorkyankeesAL East

  1. Yankees
  2. Rays
  3. Orioles
  4. Blue Jays
  5. Red Sox


kansascityroyalsAL Central

  1. Royals
  2. Twins
  3. Tigers
  4. Indians
  5. White Sox


losangelesangelsAL West

  1. Angels
  2. Astros
  3. Rangers
  4. Mariners
  5. Athletics


washingtonnationalsNL East

  1. Nationals
  2. Mets
  3. Braves
  4. Marlins
  5. Phillies


stlouiscardinalsNL Central

  1. Cardinals
  2. Pirates
  3. Cubs
  4. Reds
  5. Brewers


sanfranciscohgiantsNL West

  1. Dodgers
  2. Giants
  3. Diamondbacks
  4. Padres
  5. Rockies



baltimoreorioleslosangelesdodgersWild Cards

  1. Pirates
  2. Twins




newyorkyankeeswashingtonnationalsWorld Series

  1. Cardinals
  2. Royals



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