Here is my 2014 NFL Year in Review

(7-3 for the postseason, 170-85-1 for the regular season)

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, it’s time for a look back on the NFL season that was.

AFC East

  • Patriots (12-4) – Division winner, AFC Champion, just another great season.
  • Bills (9-7) – Great defense, Kyle Orton at QB, but ultimately falling short.
  • Dolphins (8-8) – Mediocre all around, going nowhere with Tannehill.
  • Jets (4-12) – Terrible offense, Rex Ryan moves on, questions at every position.

AFC North

  • Steelers (11-5) – A nice offensive year, but the Pitt D is no longer a scary unit.
  • Bengals (10-5-1) – An up-down-season, an early postseason exit; what else is new.
  • Ravens (10-6) – The best team in the division, but couldn’t get past the playoff Pats.
  • Browns (7-9) – Started surprisingly well, but Manziel is not the long-term answer.

AFC South

  • Colts ( 11-5) – The dominant division winner, but also couldn’t get past the Patriots.
  • Texans (9-7) – An average year, but could be headed up, assuming they find a steady QB.
  • Jaguars (3-13) – Terrible, just terrible, in every phase of the game.
  • Titans (2-14) – The worst team in the AFC and with no strong future outlook.

AFC West

  • Broncos (12-4) – Won the division easily, but Peyton’s weaknesses were exposed.
  • Chiefs (9-7) – A strong D, but nothing else special, a team that’s middling at best.
  • Chargers (9-7) – Someday people will realize that Phillip Rivers isn’t a superstar.
  • Raiders (3-13) – They showed spurts of promise, but will start over with a new HC.

NFC East

  • Cowboys (12-4) – The best season in a long time for the Boys, but ultimately a letdown.
  • Eagles (10-6) – Neither Foles nor Sanchez is the answer here, look for Chip to draft a QB.
  • Giants (6-10) – This team is a long cry from the Super Bowl winners of a few years ago.
  • Redskins (4-12) – RG3 is officially a bust, and so is Jay Gruden for that matter.

NFC North

  • Packers (12-4) – Great once again, only to lose a heartbreaking giveaway game in the playoffs.
  • Lions (11-5) – Surprisingly stingy defense, and surprisingly absent offense.
  • Vikings (7-9) – A team with their arrow pointing up, with Bridgewater at the helm.
  • Bears (5-11) – What a horrible season for Cutler and an offense that was supposed to produce.

NFC South

  • Panthers (7-8-1) – The division winners by default in a 4-team agreement to suck.
  • Saints (7-9) – A whatever-can-go-wrong season with a defensive performance to forget.
  • Falcons (6-10) – Time for a new coach in Atlanta, as Mike Smith proved incapable.
  • Buccaneers (2-14) – The worst team in the NFC, but now they have the #1 pick.

NFC West

  • Seahawks (12-4) – The Champs are back in the Super Bowl after another great year.
  • Cardinals (11-5) – Stellar defense but awful injuries that they couldn’t overcome.
  • 49ers (8-8) – Harbaugh jumps ship after a year that seemed half-hearted.
  • Rams (6-10) – A team that will not be good until they realize Sam Bradford doesn’t have it.

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