Director: Bryan Singer

Starring: James McAvoy, Oscar Isaac, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Evan Peters, Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee

Release: May 27th, 2016

So much to talk about with this trailer.  First off, it’s cooler than cool, right?  Ice cold awesome, at least for anyone who grew up loving the X-Men and has enjoyed any of the movies since.  Days of Future Past was excellent, Singer doing a great job combining the X-Men trilogy characters with the First Class characters, setting the stage for a new wave of movies.  Enter Apocalypse.  I’m so excited to see the new additions: Psylocke, Jean Grey, Cyclops, and the new actors: Tye Sheridan, Kodi Smit-McPhee.  This should be a definite 4/5 -star film.

By ochippie

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