Movie Trailer – The Land of Steady Habits

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Movie Trailer – The Land of Steady Habits

Category : Movie Trailer

Director: Nicole Holofcener

Starring: Ben Mendelsohn, Thomas Mann, Edie Falco

Release: September 14th, 2018

Netflix is really getting back on the horse after a few hard falls.  Ben Mendelsohn is a genius, this story seems relevant, and I bet it’ll be a nicely-wrapped package for audiences to take home.  BUT, I am still a little concerned.  This director is more TV, a bit amateur when it comes to anything major, and I just don’t trust that anything original is coming our way.  And I’m getting a little tired of Thomas Mann; he impressed when he emerged but since then he hasn’t really risen in the ranks.  I’m at least curious about this film, so we’ll see.