SLOW LEARNERS - 2015 FILM STILL - Adam Pally as Jeff and Sarah Burns as Anne - Photo Credit: Chase Bowman

Director: Don Argott, Sheena M. Joyce

Starring: Sarah Burns, Adam Pally, Reid Scott

Release: August 19th, 2015

Alright, semi-quirky, semi-funny, semi-notatypicalromanticcomedy.  But that’s a lot of semis, and I don’t think three wrongs make a right.  Or whatever.  Anyway, where is this movie headed, toward these friends falling in love?  Learning something about themselves?  Understanding that hook-ups don’t make them happy?  We’ve all seen/experienced that before, I doubt we need another silly movie to try explaining it to us.  And I’m getting a little tired of these man & woman best friend director teams making movies about themselves and expecting us to love them and pretend that they’re not incredibly narcissistic.

By ochippie

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