Movie Trailer – No Stranger Than Love

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Movie Trailer – No Stranger Than Love

Category : Movie Trailer

Director: Nick Wernham

Starring: Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin, Colin Hanks

Release: June 17th, 2016

From the title to the voice-over guy, this is one of the oddest films I’ve seen a trailer for in a long time.  I was ready for a romantic comedy, and hey I even enjoyed Alison Brie in one recently (Sleeping with Other People), but this is nothing like what I imagined.  It’s much, much worse, a weird comedy about love that seems so disjointed & disproportionate that it should be absolutely impossible to watch.  Colin Hanks is in a metaphorical hole?  That’s strange, although really, the guy can’t act, so maybe a hole is the best place for him.