Director: Meg Ryan

Starring: Alex Neustaedter, Meg Ryan, Sam Shepard, Tom Hanks

Release: October 23rd, 2016

Is this a joke?  Is this a joke movie with a joke trailer created by some random person for some random reason that we will never know?  Because that’s how it seems, looks, and feels, like one giant joke.  If this is a real movie, it looks horrendous.  What, was Tom Hanks thrown in so we’d think he was in this movie?  Because I don’t think he really is.  What, does Meg Ryan just get to pretend she’s a director now?  Because she’s never directed a movie before and I don’t think the age of 55 and following a major facial reconstruction is the time to start.  Who is this studio kidding and who in the world would watch this movie?