Director: Brad Bird

Starring: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee

Year: 2004

Brad Bird’s first film was The Iron Giant, and he peaked right there.  He would go on to direct The Incredibles, Ratatouille, M:I Ghost Protocol, Tomorrowland, and The Incredibles 2, but nothing would ever compare to his debut, a special, stunning, marvelous movie that you need to see to believe.  I’m a big fan of Hogarth & the Big Guy, obviously, and honestly I’ve never been a huge supporter of the Incredibles story arc, it just never blew be away like some other Disney/Pixar flicks.  But it’s a pillar of the animation studio and a fine film, an epic adventure from start to finish filled with chills and thrills that the whole family can enjoy.

In the old days, superheros were respected and revered, not only for their powers but for what they did for mankind, keeping it safe when the bad guys came out to play.  But not any more; after a ton of destruction and some backlash, Supers are illegal, their help wanted no longer.  So the biggest of them all, Mr. Incredible, along with his wife, Elastigirl, have gone into hiding, pretending to be just an ordinary couple with ordinary abilities.  Even their kids are special, but they can’t show it, because that kind of attention is no longer welcome.  When Mr. Incredible gets bored and is lured into a covert mission, he’s back on duty, back to being Super again.  But who exactly is he working for, and what kind of plans does a mad genius called Syndrome have for humanity?

Watching it this time, I almost felt that The Incredibles was meant for a slightly older audience than other Pixar movies.  It’s longer, more action-packed, has a few adult-ish themes, even a swear word or two (gasp), and it carries a general sense of age that I doubt would be perfect for younger audiences in the way that Frozen or Tangled were designed to be.  Anyway, just a small thing, my kids are old/mature enough to enjoy it, and if adults can join in as well, that’s always a positive.  The Incredibles is cool, no doubt, and fun from the very beginning.  The powers, the villains, the kids; there’s a lot here to enjoy.  There’s never really a dull moment, and the animation is great, so watch with confidence.  I just don’t know, this franchise will simply never be my favorite, even if I leave highly entertained each time.  Maybe I missed jumping on the train in the moment, but I can still give it the respect it deserves, and still advice you to watch, if somehow you never have.

My rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆