Director: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods

Starring: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt

Year: 2023

65 is getting no love at all, and plenty of negative feedback, but, what did people expect, Alien?  I’m all for being critical about film; it’s not your job to like it, it’s their job to make something that you’re going to like.  But while this movie isn’t the best sci-fi you’ll ever see, it also isn’t After Earth, which is about as barrel bottom as you can get.  Actually, it’s a continuation of the genre that’s popular right now, the dad figure saving the child figure; think The Last of Us.  So, why the hate?

On a distant planet, a man named Mills works as a long haul space pilot, leaving his family for years at a time.  On one such mission, an unexpected asteroid damages his ship, forcing him to land on an uncharted planet.  His cargo this time is humans in cryo-sleep, all of whom die in the crash except for one girl name Koa.  She & Mills will have to work together to get off this rugged world, one that’s populated with large reptilian creatures and holds dangers around every corner.

The Mandolorian meets Prey and Quiet Place, there’s a lot to like here from a sci-fi action flick that has no presumptions to greatness, but is happy to settle for adventure and entertainment.  With that in mind, 65 delivers everything you could want; survival, battle, impending doom, and even dinosaurs!  Maybe that’s too much for some people, too many artificial additives on purpose, but I found it able to scratch a very certain itch.  I love Adam Driver, I was happy to watch futuristic (kinda) Jurassic Park, it was short & sweet, and the end was satisfying; what else are we looking for?  The kid kinda sucked, it was odd that she could understand English so quickly while Driver couldn’t get a word she as saying (felt way too dumb & American), but other than that I had a good time with a fine movie.  I can be harsh, I often am, but 65 worked without trying too hard, and that’s cool with me.

My rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆