Author: Stephen King

Year: 2006

The first few hundred pages of Lisey’s Story had me very concerned.  Nothing was happening, nothing made sense, Lisey was using words that weren’t words like I was supposed to know what they meant; it was quite worrisome.  I should have known (and maybe did, because, well, I didn’t stop reading) that King would make it make sense, because of course he would, and of course he did, even if it took a while for things to get started.  And Lisey’s Story ended up a fine novel, full of sadness and suspense, one that doesn’t leap out at you but burns slowly until you finally understand.

Scott Landon is a famous author, but his story ideas come from a very dark past, and perhaps an even darker place.  And this place isn’t make believe; it’s a real land that Scott can blip into, in runs in his family, but so does a growing danger that threatens to kill them all eventually.  After Scott dies, his wife Lisa (or Lisey (LEE-see) to her multiple sisters) will have to travel there herself if she can, and if she’s able to face the truth of what Scott tried to tell her many years ago; that his family was not a normal family, and that murder is sometimes very, very necessary.

Worried might be an understatement; I was sure this book sucked.  And it did for a few hundred pages, since nothing was happening, Lisey was just sad, she talked about Scott all the time, used nonsense phrases that he had or that she had when she was young, and kept talking about Scott’s family and his darkness in vague ways that simply weren’t fun to read.  BUT, I’m happy to report, King brought all the loose ends together by the finale and I as a reader was left smacking my head in understanding and covering my mouth in horror.  When the story came together, it *really* came together, and the excitement began with a bang.  The otherworld King created is phenomenal, so creepy and so beautiful, and to go there with Lisey was a treat.  King wins again, because of course he does, with yet another novel that will knock your socks off.

My rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


By ochippie

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