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Movie Review – Kalifornia

Director: Dominic Sena Starring: David Duchovny, Brad Pitt, Michelle Forbes, Juliette Lewis Year: 1993 When I was a teenager I went on a huge Brad Pitt kick, and if you asked me then I would have said that he was the best actor in the world.  Well, I wouldn’t say the same now, there are

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Movie Review – Sahara

Director: Breck Eisner Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penelope Cruz Year: 2005 Sahara is no Mummy; hell, it’s even no National Treasure.  But it sure does copy off both, pulling from the same bag of tricks that worked or semi-worked before, thinking that we’re probably dumb enough to fall for it all again.  It turns

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Movie Review – Yes, God, Yes

Director: Karen Maine Starring: Natalia Dyer Year: 2019 Yes, God, Yes could not possibly have been more accurate to what it feels like to be a teenager in church, confused about religion & masturbation to the point of mental breakdown.  That’s part of the plan in these places, if you can believe it; to break

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Movie Review – Clueless

Director: Amy Heckerling Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy Year: 1995 Clueless may be the most 90s movie to ever 90s, and thank god it did.  It’s more than an icon, it’s a time capsule; what Fast Times at Ridgemont High did for the early 80s it did for the mid 90s, and we’ll

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Sports – Super Bowl 55 Odds

The 2020 NFL season has already begun in earnest, at least to super fans, with the opening of Free Agency and the completion of the NFL Draft.  Now it’s on to Rookie camps, Mini-Camps, OTAs, all the prep work for a long & grueling season.  In August we’ll have the start of Training Camps, and

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Movie Review – MILF

Director: Axelle Laffont Starring: Axelle Laffont, Virginie Ledoyen, Marie-Josee Croze Year: 2018 I could make up a plausible & partly-true lie and say that I watched MILF because it was new on Netflix, I had nothing else to watch, I’m a film critic, it’s my “job”, or something like that, and probably get away with

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